Kneeling Nude (c.1888) by Edgar Degas

Kneeling Nude - Edgar Degas - c.1888

Artwork Information

TitleKneeling Nude
ArtistEdgar Degas
Art MovementImpressionism
Current LocationPrivate Collection

About Kneeling Nude

The artwork “Kneeling Nude” by Edgar Degas is a pastel piece created around 1888. As an example of the Impressionism movement, this nude painting (nu) reveals the artist’s fascination with the human form and its rendition through the medium of pastel. Currently, the piece resides within a private collection.

In this artwork, Edgar Degas depicts a solitary figure in a state of repose, the subject’s body is presented in a kneeling position yet appears to recline onto itself, suggesting both relaxation and contemplation. The work is characterized by the use of vivid and expressive color tones, with an emphasis on the play of light and shadow which is common within the Impressionist style. Degas’ skillful handling of pastel has allowed for a soft texture that captures the delicate nuances of the human skin. The backdrop is minimal, with a rich, warm color that contrasts sharply with the lighter, more ethereal tones of the figure, drawing the viewer’s eye directly to the central subject. The artwork exudes an intimate and immediate quality, as if catching a private moment, which is typical of Degas’ depictions of figures.

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