Konstruktion fur edle Frauen (Construction for Noble Ladies) (1919) by Kurt Schwitters

Konstruktion fur edle Frauen (Construction for Noble Ladies) - Kurt Schwitters - 1919

Artwork Information

TitleKonstruktion fur edle Frauen (Construction for Noble Ladies)
ArtistKurt Schwitters
Dimensions103 x 83.3 cm
Art MovementDada
Current LocationLos Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), Los Angeles, CA, US
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About Konstruktion fur edle Frauen (Construction for Noble Ladies)

Konstruktion Fur Edle Frauen (Construction For Noble Ladies) is a 1919 assemblage artwork by German artist Kurt Schwitters. Measuring at 103×84 cm, the collage artwork features discarded materials such as cardboard, metal and wood collected from the streets after World War I. The artwork signifies Schwitters’ interest in Dadaism and his unique approach to collage techniques.

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art acquired the artwork directly from the family of sculptor Elsa Fraenkel in June 2019; she had previously been friends with Schwitters. The piece emphasizes the idea that art can be made from destruction and showcases how urban detritus could be transformed into something beautiful through creativity.

As one of the pioneers of modern art, Schwitters’ works continue to inspire artists today. Notably, his use of everyday materials and humble methods has influenced contemporary art movements such as Arte Povera and Neo-Dadaism. Konstruktion Fur Edle Frauen remains a testament to Schwitters’ innovative approach to artmaking, where he saw beauty in unlikely sources and turned discarded materials into thought-provoking pieces of work.

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