Ksiadz pijacy wino (1880) by Aleksander Gierymski

Ksiadz pijacy wino - Aleksander Gierymski - 1880

Artwork Information

TitleKsiadz pijacy wino
ArtistAleksander Gierymski
Art MovementRealism

About Ksiadz pijacy wino

The artwork titled “Ksiadz pijacy wino,” created by Aleksander Gierymski in the year 1880, embodies the Realism art movement and is categorized as a portrait. It illustrates a moment captured with remarkable attention to detail, characteristic of the Realist style, which sought to depict subjects truthfully without embellishment or interpretation.

In the artwork, a priest appears to be enjoying a glass of wine in a leisurely outdoor setting. His attire, consisting of what seems to be traditional clerical garb, suggests his profession distinctly. The figure is captured with a relaxed demeanor, his hat rakishly tilted on his head as he leans back in apparent contentment. His gaze is directed towards the viewer, and his expression conveys a sense of congeniality, perhaps even implying a shared joke or moment of conviviality. His right hand loosely holds a cigarette, adding to the casual aura of the scene.

The table in front of the subject holds a clear glass with what one may assume to be wine, and an empty bottle lies on its side, indicating that the priest may be close to finishing his drink. The background is a simple, yet textured patterned fence that captivates with its play of light and shadow, creating a vivid backdrop for the figure. The skilled use of sunlight and the adept rendering of the textures of the subject’s face, the fabric of his clothes, the glass, and the background foliage contribute to the sense of realism and naturalism that Gierymski intended to portray.

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