La dame et l’autre (2004) by Alain Rolland

La dame et l'autre - Alain Rolland - 2004

Artwork Information

TitleLa dame et l'autre
ArtistAlain Rolland
MediumOil on Canvas
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About La dame et l'autre

The artwork titled “La dame et l’autre,” created by artist Alain Rolland in 2004, is a noteworthy example of semi-abstract conceptual art. This oil on canvas measures 39.4 inches by 39.4 inches and exemplifies the distinctive approach taken by the artist within this genre, blending abstraction with elements of recognizable form.

The artwork presents two juxtaposed faces; the one in the foreground appears vivid and intensely coloured, with crisp, clear lines and a tear visible on her cheek, suggesting a depth of emotion. The use of pronounced contrasts and the rendering of light on her visage convey a sense of three-dimensionality. The secondary face appears to merge from the shadow, rendered with softer, more fragmented features that dissolve into the background, half-hidden by the primary figure. This effect creates a stark dichotomy between the two faces, playing with the viewers’ perception and inviting them to ponder the relationship between the figures. The background suggests a dark, textured environment, which complements the emotional intensity conveyed by the primary figure’s expression and the ethereal, incomplete nature of the second figure, reinforcing the conceptual undertones of the work.

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