La fenetre (1925) by Pierre Bonnard

La fenetre - Pierre Bonnard - 1925

Artwork Information

TitleLa fenetre
ArtistPierre Bonnard
MediumOil on Canvas

About La fenetre

La Fenetre is a 1925 painting by Pierre Bonnard that depicts the view from his house window in Le Cannet near Cannes. Bonnard was a member of Les Nabis, and he subscribed to their doctrine of flat color areas. He was not interested in obscure Symbolist subject matter and was not considered a mystic.

The painting’s design shows interior and exterior united by strong sunlight, framed with warm sensuality which reflects the beauty of the South of France where Bonnard spent the latter years of his life. La Fenetre is one of several paintings Bonnard created when he moved to Le Cannet in 1925.

La Fenetre’s depiction does not have much complexity but rather focuses on simplicity and uses vivid colors to show unity between interior and exterior spaces. The painting, now part of the Tate Collection, has been considered an excellent example of Bonnard’s ability to utilize simple ideas to present beautiful pieces that bring warmth into viewers’ hearts.

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