La Feria de Abril (2020) by Isabel Mahe

La Feria de Abril - Isabel Mahe - 2020

Artwork Information

TitleLa Feria de Abril
ArtistIsabel Mahe
MediumOil on Wood

About La Feria de Abril

The artwork titled “La Feria de Abril” was created by artist Isabel Mahe in 2020. This piece, crafted with oil on wood, measures 28.7 by 21.3 inches and belongs to the genre of genre painting, a style that depicts scenes of everyday life. The movement associated with this work is realism, which aims to represent subjects truthfully without artificiality and avoiding artistic conventions or implausible, exotic, and supernatural elements.

In “La Feria de Abril,” the viewer is presented with a vivid and charming scene likely inspired by the festive Spanish event of the same name, known for its lively cultural celebration. It features two figures that are rich in detail and color, capturing the essence of the fair’s traditional attire. In the foreground stands a young girl, her gaze directed away from the viewer, lending a sense of contemplation or distraction. She is adorned with a brightly colored dress with layers of ruffles in shades of pink and yellow, topped with a flamboyant floral headpiece, a common accessory for such festivities. Her youthful features are highlighted by the soft lighting, adding to the innocent and carefree atmosphere of the scene.

The background of the artwork is occupied by a second figure, dressed in a flowing dress featuring a classic polka dot pattern, a signature element often seen in the dresses worn at the Feria de Abril in Seville. The dress’s hues complement the girl’s outfit, creating a harmonious interplay of colors in the composition. The backdrop is understated, providing a neutral space that allows the vibrancy of the figures and their costumes to take center stage. The artist’s attention to texture and light imbues the scene with a sense of depth and vitality, further accentuating the realism that defines Mahe’s approach to this particular genre painting.

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