La lecture (1869-1870) by Berthe Morisot

La lecture - Berthe Morisot - 1869-1870

Artwork Information

TitleLa lecture
ArtistBerthe Morisot
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions101 x 81.8 cm (39 3/4 x 32 1/4")
Current LocationNational Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.

About La lecture

La Lecture (1869-1870) is a masterpiece by the French artist Berthe Morisot, known for her subtle and exquisite paintings. Morisot was born in France and died studying art at the age of twenty-three. Despite her short life, she achieved great success as an artist, with her works being collected into some of the most prestigious museums in Europe and America. Her delicate technique blended with naturalistic expressions earned her much acclaim.

La Lecture is a beautiful painting that reflects Morisot’s memorable style and sensibility. It depicts a woman immersed in a book while sitting on a comfortable chair next to an open window . The warm light coming from the window symbolizes inner awakening and the curiosity of outworldly things yet undiscovered by this very moment.

Morisot’s work has often been associated with underrated significance due to the patriarchal bias prevalent in the 19th century art world. Despite this tendency, her influence continues to spread through various works of modern artists, such as Gustav Moreau’s The Apparition (c. 1874-76). This painting exemplifies how Morisot’s delicate technique is still seen today, as Moreau channels his awe for nature through dreamy passages inspired from his inspirations such as Morisot.

Overall, La Lecture showcases Berthe Morisot’s impressive painting style and skill that earned her recognition even after her death. Her unique touch on Impressionism manages to leave admiration and appreciation among critics and audiences alike, making it one of the most acclaimed works of art in France during late 19th century period.

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