La lunette d’approche (1963) by Rene Magritte

La lunette d'approche - Rene Magritte - 1963

Artwork Information

TitleLa lunette d'approche
ArtistRene Magritte
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions76 x 115 cm
Art MovementSurrealism
Current LocationMenil Collection, Houston, TX, US
Location Created Belgium
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About La lunette d'approche

La Lunette D’Approche, a 1963 oil on canvas painting by artist Rene Magritte, features a field glass or “looking glass” as its focal point. This piece incorporates Magritte’s characteristic use of windows and doors as artistic motifs, with different objects placed behind them to encourage viewers to question their perceptions of reality. Magritte, an internationally renowned artist known for his bowler-hatted men, began to reinvent himself as a figurative artist in 1926.

The title “La Lunette D’Approche” is a pun referencing the specific type of field glass used for observing distant objects. While many artists have used windows in their works throughout history, Magritte particularly explored the concept of illusion versus reality through this motif. In this particular painting, viewers may notice that the objects placed behind the window are not entirely visible or clear, adding to the surrealist nature of the piece.

One interesting point about Magritte’s work is that it often requires careful observation and interpretation from viewers to fully understand its meaning. In addition to “La Lunette D’Approche,” Magritte’s famous piece “The Telescope” also features a window through which we see part of clouded blue sky. Another work called “The Difficult Crossing,” completed in 1963 like “La Lunette D’Approche,” plays with perspective by featuring two separate paintings side by side with slightly different elements.

Overall, “La Lunette D’Approche” is an excellent example of how Rene Magritte employed subtle nuances and playful visual techniques to engage his audience and challenge their perceptions.”

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