La Reina Mora (1906) by Robert Henri

La Reina Mora - Robert Henri - 1906

Artwork Information

TitleLa Reina Mora
ArtistRobert Henri
MediumOil On Canvas
Dimensions78 x 42 1/16 in.

About La Reina Mora

La Reina Mora is an oil on canvas painting created by American painter Robert Henri in 1906. The painting measures 78 x 42 inches and is part of Colby College Museum of Art’s permanent collection. It is considered a masterpiece of American realism and demonstrates Henri’s command of brushwork and portrait style.

Henri was at the height of his talent when he painted La Reina Mora, showcasing his ability to create realistic yet expressive images. The painting depicts a young girl wearing a traditional Spanish headscarf, looking directly at the viewer with striking intensity. Henri’s use of color and light creates a sense of immediacy that draws the viewer into the scene.

La Reina Mora has been exhibited at prestigious institutions worldwide, further cementing its status as one of Henri’s most notable works. It is available for purchase as prints or phone cases, allowing art lovers to own a piece inspired by this beautiful and timeless painting.

In conclusion, La Reina Mora by Robert Henri is an iconic work that represents the pinnacle of American realism. Its powerful depiction of a young girl captures the essence of human emotion through skillful brushwork and masterful use of color and light. As one of Henri’s most celebrated pieces, it continues to inspire art enthusiasts around the world today.

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