La ronde joyeuse (2023) by Cécile Guth

La ronde joyeuse - Cécile Guth - 2023

Artwork Information

TitleLa ronde joyeuse
ArtistCécile Guth
MediumAcrylic, Oil on Linen

About La ronde joyeuse

The artwork “La ronde joyeuse,” created by Cécile Guth in 2023, is a genre painting that showcases the artist’s skill in figurative work. Guth employs acrylic and oil on linen to craft the piece, which measures 24 by 19.7 inches. The composition and medium resonate within the figurative art movement, encapsulating a moment of life in a static visual form.

Upon examining the artwork, one observes a scene imbued with a sense of movement and joy. It depicts four figures, presumably children, holding hands and forming a circle on what appears to be a beach, with a serene, soft-focus backdrop that suggests the vastness of the sky. The central figure, a girl, stands out in a white dress, her back to the viewer, engaging the gaze of one of the other participants in the circle. The depiction of their shadows on the ground adds depth to the scene and anchors the figures within the space.

The artist’s brushwork is loose yet intentional, with visible strokes that add a dynamic texture to the composition. The palette is warm and gentle, predominantly comprised of soft whites, blues, and creams, capturing the light and atmosphere of a sunny day by the shore. Guth’s handling of light and shadow demonstrates a thoughtful consideration of the time of day and the warmth it imparts to the scene.

The title “La ronde joyeuse” translates to “The Joyful Circle” in English, which aptly describes the essence of the scene. The subjects are engrossed in a simple and timeless childhood activity that transcends cultures and generations, evoking feelings of innocence and happiness in the beholder. Through “La ronde joyeuse,” Guth invites the viewer to reminisce on the purity and simplicity of childhood, a universal tenet in the genre of figurative painting.

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