Lady Bird Johnson (1978) by Aaron Shikler

Lady Bird Johnson - Aaron Shikler - 1978

Artwork Information

TitleLady Bird Johnson
ArtistAaron Shikler
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions128 cm x 97 cm
Art MovementNew Realism

About Lady Bird Johnson

The artwork “Lady Bird Johnson” is an oil on canvas portrait painted by the artist Aaron Shikler in the year 1978. This work of art is characterized by its adherence to the New Realism movement, encapsulating a realistic visual portrayal with a certain level of idealization or stylization. The dimensions of the portrait are notable, measuring 128 cm in height by 97 cm in width. This piece falls under the genre of portraiture, a classic form focused on depicting the appearance and personality of an individual.

In the artwork, the subject, Lady Bird Johnson, is depicted standing in a natural setting, possibly indicative of her noted interest in beautification and conservation efforts. She is dressed elegantly in a white long-sleeved gown, suggestive of grace and formality, yet her pose and the outdoor setting introduce an element of relaxed poise. Her right hand gently grasps a yellow hat adorned with a ribbon, which further emphasizes her connection with the natural world, as the hat is a symbol traditionally associated with outdoor leisure. Her gaze is directed towards the viewer, affording a subtle invitation for engagement, while maintaining an air of contemplative distance.

The rendering of the environment around the subject is harmonious and serene, with soft tones predominating in the depiction of the sky and the verdant landscape. A field of flowers, perhaps bluebonnets—a Texas state symbol and a flower she was particularly fond of—adds vibrant color and a connection to nature around the figure. The vivid blues and delicate forms of the flowers contrast with the light simplicity of her dress and the expansive, gentle sky behind her. This painting captures a moment of quiet dignity and an intimacy with the natural world, reflecting the subject’s own public life and interests.

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