Lady Pauline Garcia-Viardot (1840) by Achille Deveria

Lady Pauline Garcia-Viardot - Achille Deveria - 1840

Artwork Information

TitleLady Pauline Garcia-Viardot
ArtistAchille Deveria
Dimensions49.1 x 32.1 cm
Art MovementRealism
Current LocationCleveland Museum of Art (CMA), Cleveland, OH, US

About Lady Pauline Garcia-Viardot

The artwork titled “Lady Pauline Garcia-Viardot” was created by the artist Achille Deveria in the year 1840. This piece is executed in the medium of lithography, which was a popular form of art reproduction in the 19th century. Mirroring the principles of Realism, the portrait measures 49.1 by 32.1 centimeters and is housed at the Cleveland Museum of Art in Cleveland, Ohio, United States. As a work of art in the genre of portraiture, it seeks to encapsulate the likeness and character of the subject.

The artwork in question presents an elegant representation of Lady Pauline Garcia-Viardot, as indicated by the inscription at its lower margin. The subject is portrayed with a serene demeanor, gazing directly at the viewer with calm and poise. Her attire is of the period, rendered with meticulous attention to the textures and patterns of the fabric, as well as the delicate lace of the collar. The artist has captured her in a three-quarters pose, with her hands elegantly placed, one in her lap and the other slightly grasping a floral object, which adds a symbolic or personal element to the composition. The background is understated, with light suggestion of foliage and architecture, focusing the viewer’s attention primarily on the figure herself. The work is characterized by soft, nuanced gradations of tone, which are typical of the lithographic process, and this helps to create a lifelike, yet ethereal quality in the depiction of the subject.

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