Lady with Fan and Lamp by Alexander Roslin

Lady with Fan and Lamp - Alexander Roslin -

Artwork Information

TitleLady with Fan and Lamp
ArtistAlexander Roslin
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions107 x 80 cm
Art MovementRococo

About Lady with Fan and Lamp

The artwork titled “Lady with Fan and Lamp” is crafted by Alexander Roslin, a distinguished artist renowned for his finesse in portraiture. Executed in oil on canvas, this piece measures 107 by 80 centimeters and is a notable work within the exuberant and ornamental Rococo art movement.

In the painting, a lady of apparent distinction is portrayed against a dark, unadorned background which serves to highlight her visage and attire. Her gaze is directed towards the viewer, exuding a composed and serene demeanor. The subject is adorned in a sumptuous silk gown that glistens with a soft sheen, indicating both wealth and taste. The neutral tones of her dress are enriched with detailed embellishments such as embroidery on her belt, which is accentuated by strategic placement of jewels. A delicate pearl necklace graces her neck, adding to her elegance.

The lady holds a fine fan in one hand and a lamp in the other, which may be symbolic or indicative of her personal interests or status. Her hairstyle and the headdress are consistent with the fashions of the era in which Roslin painted, further grounding the piece in its historical context. Delicate brushwork is evident in the rendering of her facial features and the intricate details of her accessories. Roslin’s technique captures the soft textures of the fabric and the subtle interplay of light and shadow, which is characteristic of the Rococo style’s fascination with grace and beauty.

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