Lamentation (1439-1443) by Fra Angelico

Lamentation - Fra Angelico - 1439-1443

Artwork Information

ArtistFra Angelico
Dimensions72 1/2 x 59 7/8 in (184 x 152 cm)

About Lamentation

Fra Angelico’s Lamentation Over the Dead Christ is a stunning panel painting created in the early Renaissance period, dating back to around 1436-1440. The painting depicts Jesus as lifeless, lying on a raised platform just above the ground with mourners surrounding Him in deep sorrow. The group includes Mary, Mary Magdalene, and Nicodemus.

What sets this artwork apart is its excellent state of preservation compared to other paintings by Fra Angelico. As part of the growing notion of Early Renaissance Humanism, Fra Angelico focused on presenting religious issues in an illusionistic environment. He portrayed realism and individualism, featuring sorrowful figures who capture viewers’ emotions successfully.

The Lamentation was created using tempera paint on wood panel that measures 176 cm × 185 cm. This composition shows remarkable composition symmetry and measures balance between darkness (the mourning) and light (the Resurrection). With its lifelike images and masterful use of colors, shading, and texture here: Fra Angelico has proven himself to be a true artist exemplifying Early Renaissance ideals such as classicism and humanism through his works until today.

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