Lamentation Over Christ (1507) by Albrecht Durer

Lamentation Over Christ - Albrecht Durer - 1507

Artwork Information

TitleLamentation Over Christ
ArtistAlbrecht Durer
Art MovementNorthern Renaissance
Current LocationPrivate Collection

About Lamentation Over Christ

The artwork titled “Lamentation Over Christ” is an engraving by the German artist Albrecht Dürer dated to 1507. This piece is situated within the Northern Renaissance art movement and falls within the genre of religious painting. Currently, the original is held in a private collection. The medium used for this artwork is engraving, which was a common practice during the time to create detailed and intricate works of art.

The image depicts a dramatic and emotional scene centered around the lifeless body of Christ. The figure of Christ is placed in the foreground, appearing almost lifeless with detailed attention given to the wounds on his feet and hands, indicating his crucifixion. Surrounding him, a group of individuals is captured in various poses of grief and distress, further emphasizing the sorrowful nature of the scene. One figure stands out as they aggressively swing a hammer overhead, likely symbolizing the removal of nails from Christ’s body following the crucifixion. The background setting includes architectural and landscape elements, providing context and depth to the scene. Dürer’s incredible talent for detail is apparent in the fine lines and shading that bring texture and realism to this poignant moment. His work encapsulates both the deep religious sentiment and the human emotional response to a moment of profound loss.

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