Landscape at Collioure III (1907) by Henri Matisse

Landscape at Collioure III - Henri Matisse - 1907

Artwork Information

TitleLandscape at Collioure III
ArtistHenri Matisse

About Landscape at Collioure III

The artwork entitled “Landscape at Collioure III” was created by Henri Matisse in 1907 and falls under the genre of landscape. This piece serves as a fine example of Matisse’s exploration of color and form during this period.

The artwork presents a vibrant and expressive view of the landscape of Collioure, a small town in the south of France. Matisse’s use of bold and contrasting colors is evident, with the composition largely dominated by green and blue tones, reflecting the natural environment. The sky, rendered in a vivid blue, transitions smoothly into the distant sea line, providing a sense of depth. Below it, the orange and yellow hues suggest buildings or structures that stand out against the cooler backdrop, giving the impression of a sunlit architecture.

In the foreground, the dark silhouettes of trees and foliage frame the scene, creating a visual contrast that directs the viewer’s eye towards the center of the canvas. Matisse plays with the perspective and scale of these elements, and his brushwork is visible, with expressive strokes that add to the dynamic feel of the artwork.

Overall, the piece conveys the warmth and light typical of the Mediterranean landscape that Matisse was captivated by, and showcases his innovative approach to capturing the essence of a scene through color and abstracted form.

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