Landscape by the Sea (c.1895 – c.1898) by Edgar Degas

Landscape by the Sea - Edgar Degas - c.1895 - c.1898

Artwork Information

TitleLandscape by the Sea
ArtistEdgar Degas
Datec.1895 - c.1898
Dimensions49 x 59.8 cm
Art MovementImpressionism
Current LocationPrivate Collection

About Landscape by the Sea

“Landscape by the Sea” is an exquisite artwork by the artist Edgar Degas, created approximately between 1895 and 1898. It is an oil painting on canvas, embodying the essence of the Impressionist movement, to which Degas contributed significantly. The painting measures 49 by 59.8 centimeters and is categorized primarily as a landscape. Currently, the artwork resides in a private collection.

The artwork itself depicts a serene coastal scene, bathed in a warm and subdued palette that captures the atmospheric qualities characteristic of Impressionism. On the left side of the canvas, one observes a group of trees which are rendered with swift, expressive brushstrokes, imparting a sense of dynamism and life. Their autumnal colors blend seamlessly into the earthy tones of the foreground, suggesting the integration of the natural world with the human environment.

Toward the middle ground, one notes the depiction of a rustic wooden bench, devoid of occupants, poised as if awaiting the return of contemplative visitors. This element adds a sense of stillness and solitude to the composition. Further beyond, a meandering path leads the eye toward a collection of quaint, vernacular buildings nestled amongst the undulating landscape. Their presence is etched with fine, detailed lines against the larger swaths of color that dominate the piece, indicating Degas’s meticulous attention to architectural form amidst his broader, more fluid gestures.

At the horizon, the calm sea stretches across the canvas, its presence subtly indicated by a soft, hazy line dividing land and sky—a testament to Degas’s skill in evoking depth and space with minimal articulation. The sky, awash with the gentle hues of dawn or dusk, offers a luminous backdrop that envelopes the scene in a harmonious tranquility, completing the synthesis of elements so characteristic of the Impressionist endeavor to capture the fleeting moments of light and atmosphere.

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