Landscape (c.1890 – c.1893) by Edgar Degas

Landscape - Edgar Degas - c.1890 - c.1893

Artwork Information

ArtistEdgar Degas
Datec.1890 - c.1893
Art MovementImpressionism
Current LocationPrivate Collection

About Landscape

The artwork in question is a pastel landscape by Edgar Degas, a renowned artist associated with the Impressionist movement. This piece was created sometime between 1890 and 1893, and it typifies the genre of landscape within this art movement. Currently, the artwork resides in a private collection. Degas is perhaps better known for his depictions of dancers and urban life, but this work stands as a testament to his versatility and his exploration of the natural world through the Impressionist lens.

In this landscape, Degas employs pastel to capture a serene, rural scene with a richness of texture that conveys the tactile qualities of the terrain. The composition features rolling hills in the distance, under a sky suffused with a gentle warmth, suggesting either dawn or dusk. In the foreground, a path meanders through the fields, inviting the viewer into the scene. The brushwork is loose and expressive, indicative of the Impressionist style’s focus on light and atmosphere over detailed representation. Degas’ use of color and light creates a sense of depth, and his broad, sweeping strokes imbue the landscape with a dynamic yet tranquil atmosphere.

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