Large Enclosure (c. 1832) by Caspar David Friedrich

Large Enclosure - Caspar David Friedrich - c. 1832

Artwork Information

TitleLarge Enclosure
ArtistCaspar David Friedrich
Datec. 1832
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions73.5 x 102.5 cm
Current LocationGemaeldegalerie, Dresden

About Large Enclosure

Caspar David Friedrich’s painting, also known as The Great Enclosure or The Ostra Enclosure, is a masterpiece of the Romantic Movement. This artwork portrays a large game enclosure near Dresden and showcases Friedrich’s style of incorporating human presence in diminished perspective amid expansive landscapes.

The Great Enclosure is considered the “crowning achievement” of Friedrich’s late period work and conveys profound theological and spiritual meanings that were prevalent during the Romantic era. By focusing on nature’s emotional effects on humans rather than just depicting landscapes, he changed the face of landscape paintings.

Optional reproductions of this painting are available on watercolor paper, canvas, or poster paper with stretcher, passepartout, and decorative frame options. Collectors interested in owning a piece of one of the most significant works from this movement can easily purchase these reproductions.

Overall, Caspar David Friedrich’s The Great Enclosure showcases his unique style that can be best described as emotional contemplation rather than simple representation. His paintings inspired several artists and left an indelible impact on European art history during the nineteenth century.

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