Large Stil Life with Telescope (1927) by Max Beckmann

Large Stil Life with Telescope - Max Beckmann - 1927

Artwork Information

TitleLarge Stil Life with Telescope
ArtistMax Beckmann
Dimensions141 x 207 cm

About Large Stil Life with Telescope

Max Beckmann’s “Large Still Life with Telescope,” an artwork completed in 1927, is an oil painting on canvas that measures 141 by 207 centimeters. As a still life, it belongs to a genre that features inanimate objects, often with a rich symbolic and thematic composition.

In Beckmann’s artwork, a vivid and somewhat chaotic display of objects is set against a yellow background that provides a stark contrast. Central to the composition is a large telescope that points diagonally across the work, intersecting with a variety of other objects. The palette is rich with primary colors, adding to the dynamic visual impact of the piece. The painting includes elements such as flowers in a vase, musical instruments, an open book, and other detailed items, potentially signifying a broad spectrum of human interests and pursuits from the natural world to scientific exploration and the arts. The items are rendered in a style that exhibits Beckmann’s characteristic sharp lines and bold contours, with a sense of depth and form that gives vitality to the everyday objects. Moreover, the juxtaposition of items and the way they overlap suggests a narrative or connection beyond their physical properties, inviting viewers to ponder the relationship between the items and the broader themes they may imply.

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