Laura dei Dianti (c. 1523-25) by Titian

Laura dei Dianti - Titian - c. 1523-25

Artwork Information

TitleLaura dei Dianti
Datec. 1523-25
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions119 x 93 cm
Current LocationPrivate collection

About Laura dei Dianti

Laura Dianti, a model for Titian, was depicted in several of his paintings, including “Girl with a Fur” and “Flora.” A number of portraits of Dianti were also painted by Titian, including “Woman with a Mirror” and “Portrait of Laura Dianti.” The latter painting was gifted to Emperor Rudolf II, while a copy of it remains in the Galleria Estense.

The identity of the main female figure in “Portrait of Laura Dianti” has been debated, with none of the theories proving to be a good fit for the date range of the painting, which is thought to be between 1512-15. Laura Dianti, also known under the pseudonym Eustochia, was in fact the lover and possibly the third wife of Alfonso I d’Este, Duke of Ferrara.

In addition to her role as a model for several Titian works, Laura Dianti was also an important figure in her own right, as a significant other of a powerful man. Her place in this political arena may have influenced her role as a subject in portrait paintings, and the close intimacy of her relationship with the Duke is likely reflected in the paintings that depict her.

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