Laurence At The Piano (1953) by Fairfield Porter

Laurence At The Piano - Fairfield Porter - 1953

Artwork Information

TitleLaurence At The Piano
ArtistFairfield Porter
MediumOil On Canvas
Dimensions40 x 30 in

About Laurence At The Piano

Fairfield Porter’s Laurence at the Piano is a realistic painting created in 1953. Despite the emergence of Abstract Expressionism during this time, Porter continued producing representational work. The painting measures 40 x 30 inches and is part of the collection of the New Britain Museum of American Art.

Porter was known for his portraits, domestic scenes, and landscapes that depicted comfortable environments. Laurence at the Piano is a prime example of his intimate portraiture style. The painting features his friend Laurence playing the piano while comfortably situated in a cozy room. Porter carefully arranged every detail in the scene, from the table lamp to Laurence’s posture as he plays.

Laurence at the Piano exudes a sense of warmth and familiarity that makes it easy for viewers to connect with its subject matter. Its lifelike portrayal captures not just its subjects but also their relationship to each other and their environment. It reflects Porter’s ability to create compelling paintings even during periods when abstraction was dominant.

Overall, Fairfield Porter’s Laurence at the Piano portrays an intimate moment in time through realism that captures details down to fine brushstrokes. It remains one of his most well-known works and showcases how artists can continue pursuing their vision despite changes and movements within artistic circles over time.

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