Lavender Mist: Number 1, 1950 (1950) by Jackson Pollock

Lavender Mist: Number 1, 1950 - Jackson Pollock - 1950

Artwork Information

TitleLavender Mist: Number 1, 1950
ArtistJackson Pollock
MediumOil, Enamel, And Aluminum Paint On Canvas
Current LocationNational Gallery Of Art, Washington

About Lavender Mist: Number 1, 1950

Jackson Pollock’s Lavender Mist: Number 1, 1950, is a masterpiece that embodies his unique style of action painting. This abstract expressionist technique involves dripping and splattering paint on a large canvas laid on the floor. The result is initially chaotic in appearance but embodies the movements of Pollock’s arm and wrist.

Created using household enamel paints applied with hardened brushes, sticks, and turkey basters, Lavender Mist is one of several works produced by Pollock at the height of his action painting technique. The painting showcases Pollock’s radical abstract style that redefined drawing and painting in the mid-20th century.

Although criticized by some for its lack of conventional structure and technique, Lavender Mist remains an iconic piece in modern art history. Its influence in shaping the development of action painting cannot be overstated.

Overall, Jackson Pollock’s Lavender Mist: Number 1, 1950 offers an impressive contribution to modern art history as a prime example of abstract expressionism.

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