Le Treport, France (1922) by Albert Aublet

Le Treport, France - Albert Aublet - 1922

Artwork Information

TitleLe Treport, France
ArtistAlbert Aublet
Mediumoil on board
Dimensions19 x 28 cm
Art MovementImpressionism

About Le Treport, France

The artwork “Le Treport, France” was crafted by the artist Albert Aublet in 1922. This piece is a genre painting and landscape rendered in oil on board, measuring 19 x 28 cm and is associated with the Impressionism art movement.

The piece portrays a serene coastal scene set in Le Treport, France. It captures a number of figures leisurely enjoying the beach against the backdrop of towering cliffs that recede into the distance, suggesting both depth and the grandeur of the landscape. The beachgoers are depicted with loose, gestural brushstrokes characteristic of Impressionism, which convey a sense of spontaneity and the fleeting effects of light and atmosphere. Some figures are seated on the sand, while others wade and swim in the tranquil waters. The color palette consists of soft, muted tones that evoke the warmth and luminosity of a day at the seashore. The soft blues and greens of the sea contrast gently against the beige and white hues of the sandy beach, while the cliffs offer richer earthen tones, adding to the rich visual tapestry of the scene. The sky is rendered with broad strokes of light colors, suggesting a diffuse light source, typical of an overcast day. Overall, the composition is harmonious and imbued with a sense of calmness, inviting viewers to share in the relaxed atmosphere of the seaside tableau.

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