Legendes ni figures (Neither Legends nor Figures) (1930) by Yves Tanguy

Legendes ni figures (Neither Legends nor Figures) - Yves Tanguy - 1930

Artwork Information

TitleLegendes ni figures (Neither Legends nor Figures)
ArtistYves Tanguy
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions32 1/8 x 25 5/8 in.
Current LocationThe Menil Collection, Houston, Texas

About Legendes ni figures (Neither Legends nor Figures)

Yves Tanguy’s painting ‘Legendes Ni Figures’ (Neither Legends Nor Figures) is an example of how we can find both legends and figures in nature. At first glance, this painting may not appear to have either of these qualities. But some viewers might interpret these images as sea creatures while others might see them as resembling bones. This painting was created to illustrate the surrealrealist movement which went against traditional art techniques. Through the group quo, some rocks indeed look like bone, allowing the viewer the opportunity to explore these indefinite boundaries and interpretations without having to commit to a definite shape or form. The indefinite divisibility theme was important in exploring meaningful connections between reality and imagination which Yves Tanguy continued exploring in his 1942 work Indefinite Divisibility.

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