Les trois ombrelles (The Three Umbrellas) (1906) by Raoul Dufy

Les trois ombrelles (The Three Umbrellas) - Raoul Dufy - 1906

Artwork Information

TitleLes trois ombrelles (The Three Umbrellas)
ArtistRaoul Dufy
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions23 1/2 x 29 in
Current LocationMuseum of Fine Arts, Houston, Texas

About Les trois ombrelles (The Three Umbrellas)

Les Trois Ombrelles, also known as The Three Umbrellas, is a painting created by Raoul Dufy in 1906. The artwork is 59.7×73.7 cm in size and was donated to the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston by Audrey Jones Beck. It is an oil painting on canvas that belongs to the Fauvism style, marked by the prominent use of bright colors and bold brushstrokes.

Dufy’s unique approach developed after his flirtation with cubism and became distinct when he moved towards his colorful ornamental style that became popular for designing textiles, ceramics, and public buildings. Among other notable works by Dufy are Les Barques and Les Trois Arlequins.

The painting depicts three women holding umbrellas with a backdrop of blue sky dotted with white clouds. Limited first edition lithographs of Dufy’s work are available in Héron de Villefosse folio published in Paris in 1954. Both Les Trois Grâces sold for USD 233,000 in 2013 and Les Trois Arlequins sold for USD 50,000 in 2015 attesting to his skill as an artist.

Archival material related to The Three Umbrellas is restricted to staff members or an agent with written permission due to its historical significance. This significant piece of art has remained relevant throughout history for its distinctive approach towards color usage that reflects joyousness while making everyday life subjects engaging through brilliant execution techniques.

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