Lighthouse HIll (1927) by Edward Hopper

Lighthouse HIll - Edward Hopper - 1927

Artwork Information

TitleLighthouse HIll
ArtistEdward Hopper
Dimensions71.76 x 100.33 cm
Art MovementNew Realism
Current LocationDallas Museum of Art, Dallas, TX, US

About Lighthouse HIll

The artwork “Lighthouse Hill” is a creation by Edward Hopper completed in 1927. This oil on canvas landscape painting is a quintessential piece of the New Realism art movement. It measures 71.76 by 100.33 cm and is currently housed at the Dallas Museum of Art in Dallas, Texas, United States.

In the artwork, we observe the scene of a solitary lighthouse perched atop a hill. Accompanying the lighthouse is a small house, which shares the composition with the beacon, both standing as testaments to human presence in the landscape. The palette predominantly features muted tones with stark contrasts provided by the bright lighthouse and darkened earth. The sky, a deep shade of blue, adds to the overall calm yet isolated atmosphere of the scene. Hopper’s signature emphasis on light and shadow is evident here, with the sun casting the side of the lighthouse in bright light, while the opposite side contrasts sharply in shadow, mirroring the solitude that often accompanies the open expanses in Hopper’s scenes. This careful study of daylight and its play on the serene landscape evokes a strong sense of place and time, drawing viewers into a contemplative space.

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