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Lindos (rhodes), Staircase To Acropolis  - Greek Art -

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TitleLindos (rhodes), Staircase To Acropolis
ArtistGreek Art

About Lindos (rhodes), Staircase To Acropolis

Located in Rhodes, Greece, Lindos Acropolis is a significant archaeological site dominated by a 116-meter high cliff overlooking the town. The monumental flight of steps leads up to the Propylaea of the Sanctuary, an ancient structure dating back to the 4th century BC. The stairs are infamous for their steep and unevenly spaced steps, and lack a guardrail. Additionally, visitors can find several Greek inscriptions etched into the ancient slabs known as Knights Steps on their way up to this magnificent sanctuary.

One of the noteworthy artworks found at Lindos Acropolis is the Propylaea of the temple of Undia Athena, which comprises another stoa structure in the same shape as those at Athens and Olympia. Visitors can also witness ruins such as a Roman temple dedicated to Emperor Diocletian and other structures dating from Byzantine, Medieval and Ottoman eras.

In terms of Greek art, Lindos Acropolis boasts several significant structures including one that houses goddess Athena Lindia’s statue. Legend has it that Danaus founded Lindos when fleeing his brother and Hera’s wrath; he also built this Acropolis during his exile. Excavations suggest that its history began during 9th c.BC due to cult worshiping towards pre-Hellenistic deity. Its significance only grew over time with Athena taking her place amongst worshipped entities while being depicted by prominent artisans such as Pheidias- giving tourists yet another reason to visit this stunning historical site.

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