Little Dancer, Fourteen Year Old (1881) by Edgar Degas

Little Dancer, Fourteen Year Old - Edgar Degas - 1881

Artwork Information

TitleLittle Dancer, Fourteen Year Old
ArtistEdgar Degas
Art MovementImpressionism

About Little Dancer, Fourteen Year Old

The artwork entitled “Little Dancer, Fourteen Year Old” is a renowned sculpture by the artist Edgar Degas, created in 1881. This piece is crafted from wax and copper, embodying the aesthetic principles of the Impressionist movement. As a genre, the artwork is classified as a sculpture. It represents a significant contribution to both the art movement it is associated with and the artist’s exploration of form and subject matter.

The artwork depicts a young ballet dancer standing in a relaxed, yet poised position. The figure’s right leg is slightly forward, her hands clasped loosely behind her back, and her head is gently tilted upwards, giving a sense of aspiration and introspection. The girl’s facial expression bears a contemplative look, while her attire—a bodice and tutu—faithfully represents the costume of a young dancer during the late 19th century. Degas’s attention to realism is evident not only in the physical stance but in the texture and details of the clothing—her tutu seems soft and palpable, while the fabric of her bodice clings to her youthful form. The use of wax imparted a unique surface finish to the sculpture, which was unconventional at the time of its creation.

Remarkable for its lifelike presentation and emotional depth, Degas’s sculpture captures both the fragility and resilience inherent to the stage life of a young ballerina, reflecting the broader themes of beauty, labor, and performance that characterize the Impressionist movement. The sculpture has become an iconic piece within Degas’s oeuvre, highlighting his continued fascination with dancers and the world of ballet.

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