Little Tree (chesnut Tree At Lake Constance) (1912) by Egon Schiele

Little Tree (chesnut Tree At Lake Constance) - Egon Schiele - 1912

Artwork Information

TitleLittle Tree (chesnut Tree At Lake Constance)
ArtistEgon Schiele
MediumWatercolor And Pencil On Paper
Dimensions18 x 11 5/8 in. (45.8 x 29.5 cm)
Current LocationPrivate Collection, New York
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About Little Tree (chesnut Tree At Lake Constance)

Little Tree (Chestnut Tree at Lake Constance) is a beautiful watercolor painting completed by Egon Schiele in 1912. This artwork is categorized under the Expressionism genre and is known for capturing the essence of nature using quick, fluid lines. The painting depicts a chestnut tree during autumn, with stunning details that show Schiele’s mastery of form and technique.

Egon Schiele was an Austrian artist who had a short but incredibly productive career before his untimely death at age 28. He drew inspiration from artists like Klimt and Kokoschka but managed to develop a unique style that set him apart from other expressionist painters of his time. Little Tree (Chestnut Tree at Lake Constance) is one of over 300 oil paintings and thousands more works completed by Schiele in his lifetime.

What makes Little Tree (Chestnut Tree at Lake Constance) stand out among other artworks is its use of fluid lines to create an intricate portrayal of an Autumn scene. The lighting in this piece illuminates every detail while maintaining balance between line work and color contrast on paper. It’s another example which demonstrates that even though he died young, Schiele managed to leave behind a body of work that still captivates art enthusiasts today.

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