Loire Bleue à Ancenis (2021) by Beatrice Van Ez-Le Perru

Loire Bleue à Ancenis - Beatrice Van Ez-Le Perru - 2021

Artwork Information

TitleLoire Bleue à Ancenis
ArtistBeatrice Van Ez-Le Perru
MediumAcrylic on Linen

About Loire Bleue à Ancenis

The artwork titled “Loire Bleue à Ancenis” was created by Beatrice Van Ez-Le Perru in the year 2021. Expertly rendered on linen using acrylic paints, the piece measures 15 by 22 inches. It is an abstract work that falls under the genre of abstract art, contributing to the broader abstract movement that prioritizes forms, colors, and textures over representational accuracy.

The abstract nature of the artwork exhibits a dynamic interplay of color and texture. Bold strokes of white, blue, and purple hues dominate the palette, arranged in a way that might suggest a fluid, perhaps aqueous, scene. The darker tones amidst lighter areas could represent vegetation or landforms, giving the impression of a natural landscape viewed through an expressive, non-literal lens. The thick application of paint creates a tactile surface where the brushstrokes themselves become a critical element of the composition, adding depth and movement to the piece. The colors seem to mix directly on the canvas, indicating a level of spontaneity in the artist’s technique. The energetic application of paint, combined with the richly layered colors, evokes a sense of vitality and emotional resonance that is characteristic of the abstract genre.

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