Long Island Landscape with Red Building (c. 1962) by Fairfield Porter

Long Island Landscape with Red Building - Fairfield Porter - 1962

Artwork Information

TitleLong Island Landscape with Red Building
ArtistFairfield Porter
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions24 1/8 x 48 in
Art MovementContemporary Realism
Current LocationSheldon Memorial Art Gallery, Lincoln, Nebraska

About Long Island Landscape with Red Building

The artwork entitled “Long Island Landscape with Red Building” was crafted by the artist Fairfield Porter in the year 1962. This oil on canvas masterpiece is a notable example of Contemporary Realism. Its dimensions measure 24 1/8 by 48 inches, and it depicts a landscape scene. This piece is held at the Sheldon Memorial Art Gallery located in Lincoln, Nebraska.

The artwork presents a serene landscape capturing the essence of Long Island’s pastoral environment. It features a spacious foreground with a road leading the viewer’s eye towards a red building that anchors the composition on the right. The red building’s hue vividly contrasts with the softer greens and yellows of the fields stretching into the distance, punctuated by farm structures and gentle hills on the horizon.

The sky is rendered in broad swaths of muted color, suggesting a clear day with the barest hint of clouds. Shadows cast across the road suggest a bright sunlight infusing the scene with warmth and depth. With a keen eye for the interplay of light and color, Porter’s depiction of this quotidian yet picturesque setting conveys a palpable sense of place and time.

The subtle nuances in tone and hue, as well as the deftly balanced composition, create an image that is compellingly simple yet rich with detail. This work modestly eschews grandiosity in favor of a sincere portrayal of the artist’s familiar surroundings.

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