Long Island Landscape with Red Building (c. 1962) by Fairfield Porter

Long Island Landscape with Red Building - Porter, Fairfield - c

Artwork Information

TitleLong Island Landscape with Red Building
ArtistFairfield Porter
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions24 1/8 x 48 in
Art MovementContemporary Realism
Current LocationSheldon Memorial Art Gallery, Lincoln, Nebraska
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About Long Island Landscape with Red Building

Fairfield Porter was an American painter and art critic known for his representational style during the heyday of Abstract Expressionism. Long Island Landscape with Red Building, created in 1962, is an oil painting that depicts a rural area on Long Island. The painting showcases a red building against the picturesque backdrop of greenery and trees on a sunny day. It is evident that Porter drew inspiration from his surroundings as he established his home and studio on the East End of Long Island in a nineteenth-century sea captain’s house.

Porter’s style was unique, as it blended the intimiste depictions of everyday life by Bonnard and Vuillard with the lush paint handling of de Kooning. This combination resulted in artwork that captured the essence of real-life scenery while incorporating artistic flair into every stroke. Through this technique, Porter manages to capture the beauty of each element presented in this artwork while still highlighting his artistic imagination.

Overall, Long Island Landscape with Red Building is an excellent representation of Porter’s talent in showcasing landscapes that reflect both reality and imaginative composition. It exemplifies how every detail can contribute towards creating art that leaves people marvelled at its simplicity yet awe-struck at its complexity.

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