Lorette with a Red Dress (1917) by Henri Matisse

Lorette with a Red Dress - Henri Matisse - 1917

Artwork Information

TitleLorette with a Red Dress
ArtistHenri Matisse
Dimensions46.5 x 36 cm
Art MovementPost-Impressionism

About Lorette with a Red Dress

The artwork titled “Lorette with a Red Dress” was created by the renowned artist Henri Matisse in 1917. Measuring 46.5 x 36 cm, this portrait is a testament to Matisse’s involvement with Post-Impressionism, a movement characterized by its use of vivid colors and expressionistic details to convey emotional resonance rather than direct realism.

In the artwork, the subject, Lorette, is portrayed seated against a backdrop that features earthy tones. The composition prominently displays her in a red dress with a vibrantly patterned yellow blouse, which capture the viewer’s attention due to their bold colors. Matisse employs a reduced palette, with thick, confidently applied brushstrokes that contribute to the flatness and the decorative quality of the piece. The face of Lorette is rendered with simplified features that nevertheless express a sense of poise and direct engagement with the viewer. The flowing outlines of her attire and the contrasting colors highlight Matisse’s interest in exploring the dynamic interplay between color and form. The artwork is devoid of intricate details, which is typical of Matisse‚Äôs style during this period, focusing instead on the arrangement of color and the overall harmony of the scene.

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