Lozenge Composition 3 Lines Blue Gray Yellow by Piet Mondrian

Lozenge Composition 3 Lines Blue Gray Yellow - Piet Mondrian -

Artwork Information

TitleLozenge Composition 3 Lines Blue Gray Yellow
ArtistPiet Mondrian
Art MovementNeoplasticism

About Lozenge Composition 3 Lines Blue Gray Yellow

The artwork “Lozenge Composition with Three Lines,” also known as “Lozenge Composition 3 Lines Blue Gray Yellow,” is a non-representational oil on canvas by the Dutch artist Piet Mondrian. It exemplifies the principles of Neoplasticism, an art movement defined by a reductive aesthetic that emphasizes the use of primary colors, straight lines, and flat planes. As a genre, this piece can be classified as abstract art, which eschews direct representation in favor of exploring the interplay of form and color.

In the artwork, one observes the artist’s precise use of geometric elements. The composition is dominated by a white square canvas that is rotated 45 degrees, resulting in a diamond or “lozenge” shape. Thick, black perpendicular lines define the structure of the space, dividing the canvas into distinct planes. Notably, there are three color blocks in this piece: a small but vibrant yellow square tucked near the bottom edge, a slender blue triangle on the left side, and a gray triangle positioned opposite it. These color applications are meticulously balanced within the overall white space, creating both tension and harmony. Mondrian’s reduction of visual elements to their purest form speaks to his pursuit of universal aesthetic values and his belief that through abstraction, art can evoke a sense of spiritual and aesthetic clarity.

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