Ludovisi Gaul (2nd Century AD) (Roman Art)

Gaul killing himself and his wife - Roman Art - 2nd Century AD

Artwork Information

TitleGaul killing himself and his wife
ArtistRoman Art
Date2nd Century AD
Dimensions2.11 m
Current LocationMuseo Nazionale Romano in the Palazzo Altemps, Rome

About Gaul killing himself and his wife

The Ludovisi Gaul, is one of the most famous representations of ancient Roman marble sculpture. It was discovered in Rome with another ancient marble sculpture – the Dying Gaul. These sculptures were unearthed in the gardens of the Villa Ludovisi, which was owned by Cardinal Ludovico Ludovisi from 1637 to 1632. The sculptures are Roman copies of Greek bronze and were made during that period.

The Ludovisi Gaul is an ancient sculpture depicting a Gallic man plunging a sword into his breast while his wife’s body hangs above him. The sculpture can be found today in Palazzo Altemps in Rome and represents a marble copy of a now lost Greek bronze original.


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