MAAT XV_XII (2023) by Aleix Albareda

MAAT XV_XII - Aleix Albareda - 2023

Artwork Information

ArtistAleix Albareda
MediumAcrylic on Canvas


The artwork titled “MAAT XV_XII” is a creation by artist Aleix Albareda, completed in the year 2023. Employing acrylic as a medium on canvas, this piece measures 78.7 by 39.4 inches in dimension. The genre is categorized under fashion, while stylistically it aligns with the cubist art movement.

The artwork presents a figure rendered in a style reminiscent of cubism, characterized by geometric patterns and an abstracted representation of the subject. The figure is sectioned into two halves along the horizontal axis: the upper half showcases what appears to be the face of a child, with his eyes innocently gazing out towards the viewer, framed by a halo of dark, curly hair and underscored by an intriguing grid-like and dotted texture across the facial features.

Below, the composition is mirrored, creating a sense of balance and duality with an inverted image that defies the conventional perspective. This inversion is more than a mere reflection; it has been reimagined with a distortion that accentuates the geometric aspect of cubism. The symmetrically placed buttons on what could be interpreted as attire allude to fashion, further linking the work to the genre specified.

Overall, “MAAT XV_XII” is a sophisticated interplay of traditional portrait elements with avant-garde techniques that challenge the viewer’s perception while engaging them in a commentary on fashion through the lens of a modernist art movement.

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