Macchia (1983) by Dale Chihuly

Macchia - Dale Chihuly - 1983

Artwork Information

ArtistDale Chihuly
Dimensions15 x 28 x 28 in

About Macchia

In 1983, Dale Chihuly created a stunning blown glass artwork as part of his Macchia series. The series utilized all 300 colors available to the artist, pushing the boundaries of color exploration with unexpected combinations. The Macchia pieces feature brightly colored spots and emphasize spontaneity and artistic collaboration with technique.

Chihuly appropriated the term “Macchia” for this series, which means “spot” in Italian. This particular 1983 piece showcases green and yellow strips with an orange lip wrap. The Macchia series pushed the possibilities of scale, creating pieces that were larger than anything previously attempted in blown glass.

Dale Chihuly is a leading figure in the advancement of blown glass as an art form. He has created highly structured sculptures and environmental installations using this medium. His Macchia series remains one of his most iconic works, demonstrating his ability to push boundaries both visually and technically.

As an artist, Chihuly’s work is known for its bright colors and organic shapes. The Macchia series embodies these qualities while also showcasing his mastery of blown glass techniques. And though it was created nearly forty years ago, this particular piece from the Macchia series remains a testament to Chihuly’s enduring creativity and innovation as an artist.

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