Madame Camus with a Fan (1870) by Edgar Degas

Madame Camus with a Fan - Edgar Degas - 1870

Artwork Information

TitleMadame Camus with a Fan
ArtistEdgar Degas
Art MovementImpressionism,Japonism

About Madame Camus with a Fan

The artwork “Madame Camus with a Fan” was created by renowned artist Edgar Degas in the year 1870. This portrait is an oil on canvas piece that embodies the impressionist and Japonism art movements. The artwork’s genre is a portrait, which depicts its subject matter with a sensitivity to light and visible brush strokes that are characteristic of Impressionism, while also drawing inspiration from Japanese art forms.

In the artwork, the subject, Madame Camus, is positioned off-center, facing towards the left of the canvas. She is seated, wearing a period dress with what appears to be lace around the neckline and a dark shawl or sweater over her shoulders. The most striking aspect of the portrait is the bold use of a warm, monochromatic red that suffuses the entire composition, creating an atmosphere of intimacy and warmth.

Madame Camus’s gaze is directed out of the canvas, as if lost in contemplation or quietly observing something beyond the viewer’s vision. Her expression is one of calmness and poise. In her hands, she delicately holds a fan, which along with her attire, adds a level of elegance to her demeanor. The color palette is quite restricted, primarily featuring shades of red and dark accents, which may be indicative of the Japonism influence, highlighting the flatness of the space and the decorative quality seen in Japanese prints.

A statuette of a dancer on the right side of the composition introduces a vertical element and contrasts with the seated figure. The texture and form of the statuette are rendered in greater detail compared to the softer, more diffused portrayal of Madame Camus. This juxtaposition is suggestive of Degas’s exploration of light and materiality, a testament to his innovative approach to traditional portraiture within the confines of the Impressionist genre.

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