Madeleine Chapelle, Madame Ingres (1814) by Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres

Madeleine Chapelle, Madame Ingres - Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres - 1814

Artwork Information

TitleMadeleine Chapelle, Madame Ingres
ArtistJean Auguste Dominique Ingres
MediumPencil and watercolor
Art MovementNeoclassicism
Current LocationPrivate Collection

About Madeleine Chapelle, Madame Ingres

The artwork titled “Madeleine Chapelle, Madame Ingres” is an exquisite portrait created by Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres in the year 1814. This masterpiece, rendered in pencil and watercolor, is a testament to the artist’s prowess within the Neoclassicism art movement. The portrait genre of the artwork is indicative of Ingres’ inclination toward portraying individuals with meticulous precision and great attention to detail. Despite the grandeur and complexity often found in his larger oil paintings, this more intimate piece carries the same level of finesse and is judiciously held in a private collection.

The artwork exhibits a woman depicted with delicate line work and subtle shading, showcasing Ingres’ refined drawing skills and neoclassical sensibilities. The subject, Madeleine Chapelle, who is the artist’s wife, is portrayed with a serene and composed expression, her gaze meeting the viewer with a quiet confidence. She is adorned with flowers in her hair, echoing the period’s aesthetic and possibly signifying her grace and femininity. The precise rendering of her attire captures the textures and patterns of the fabric, emphasizing the artist’s commitment to realism and attention to intricate details like the lace and embroidery. The gentle wash of watercolor adds depth to the drawing, hinting at the artist’s ability to enhance sketches with touches of color. The inscriptions at the bottom contribute to the personal nature of the work, possibly indicating the artwork’s heartfelt importance to the artist. Overall, the artwork is a poignant example of Ingres’ technical skill and the intimate connection between artist and subject.

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