Mademoiselle Fiocre in the Ballet (1866 – 1868) by Edgar Degas

Mademoiselle Fiocre in the Ballet - Edgar Degas - 1866 - 1868

Artwork Information

TitleMademoiselle Fiocre in the Ballet
ArtistEdgar Degas
Date1866 - 1868
Dimensions28.8 x 21.5 cm
Art MovementImpressionism
Current LocationPrivate Collection

About Mademoiselle Fiocre in the Ballet

“Mademoiselle Fiocre in the Ballet,” created by Edgar Degas between 1866 and 1868, is a fine example of an oil on canvas artwork from the Impressionist movement. The painting measures 28.8 x 21.5 cm and can be categorized within the genre of portraiture. Currently, this piece is part of a private collection, emphasizing its exclusivity and historical value.

The artwork exhibits a figure, presumably Mademoiselle Fiocre, depicted in a dance pose. She is adorned in a ballet costume with a blue dress that has vertical white stripes, and a sheer white garment extends from her shoulders to the floor, capturing the motion typically associated with ballet. Her head is adorned with a distinctive red and white headpiece. The dancer’s posture is relaxed, with her head resting on her hand, suggesting a moment of introspection or pause.

Degas’s brushwork is evident in the loose and expressive strokes that give the painting its distinctive Impressionist quality. The background is rendered in neutral tones, providing a stark contrast that allows the vivid colors of the dancer’s attire to stand out. The reflection of the figure, barely discernible on the floor below her, adds depth and reinforces the presence of the dancer in a physical space. The overall effect of the artwork is one of both immediacy and fleeting movement – hallmarks of Degas’s renowned style.

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