Mademoiselle Malo (1877) by Edgar Degas

Mademoiselle Malo - Edgar Degas - 1877

Artwork Information

TitleMademoiselle Malo
ArtistEdgar Degas
Art MovementImpressionism

About Mademoiselle Malo

The artwork titled “Mademoiselle Malo,” created by the illustrious artist Edgar Degas in 1877, is an oil on canvas exuding the characteristics of the Impressionist movement. As a genre of portrait, it captures the likeness of a sitter who is presumably named Mademoiselle Malo, rendered with the loose brushstrokes and light-infused palette that typify Impressionist art.

In the artwork, Mademoiselle Malo is depicted seated, with her body slightly turned towards the viewer while her gaze is directed to the side, as if lost in contemplation. Her features are softly illuminated, hinting at the natural lighting conditions that often interested Impressionists in their quest to capture fleeting moments. The background includes blooming chrysanthemums, which provide a vibrant contrast to the sitter’s dark attire. Degas has skillfully captured both the stillness and the subtle psychological depth of the sitter, embodying the essence of Impressionist portraiture. The brushwork is characteristically energetic, suggesting movement and texture throughout the composition, while simultaneously conveying a sense of intimacy and immediacy.

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