Mademoiselle Marie Dihau (c.1868) by Edgar Degas

Mademoiselle Marie Dihau - Edgar Degas - c.1868

Artwork Information

TitleMademoiselle Marie Dihau
ArtistEdgar Degas
Art MovementImpressionism

About Mademoiselle Marie Dihau

The artwork titled “Mademoiselle Marie Dihau” was created by Edgar Degas around the year 1868. The medium employed is oil on canvas, and the piece is associated with the Impressionist art movement, specifically within the genre of portraiture. The artwork embodies the distinct brushwork and preference for capturing modern life that typifies Impressionism.

In the artwork, we observe a woman depicted in profile view. The palette appears subdued with an assortment of dark tones, embellished with brighter highlights. The subject is positioned almost entirely in profile, with her face delicately outlined against a rich, textured background that suggests an ambient setting rather than detailing specific features. Her clothing is rendered with dark, velvety colors; and on her head, she dons a fashionable hat that lends an air of elegance and perhaps social status to her appearance. The quick brushwork gives a sense of immediacy and captures a moment rather than a detailed, static depiction. Degas’ style in this portrait reflects his interest in the subtleties of light and shadow, with a focus on the poignant expression conveyed through the subject’s posture and profile. The attention to facial features and the subtle use of light suggest a contemplative mood and point to Degas’ skill in rendering the human figure with emotional depth.

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