Madonna and Child (Madonna of the Caves) (c. 1489-90) by Andrea Mantegna

Madonna and Child (Madonna of the Caves) - Andrea Mantegna - c. 1489-90

Artwork Information

TitleMadonna and Child (Madonna of the Caves)
ArtistAndrea Mantegna
Datec. 1489-90
MediumTempera on panel
Dimensions11 7/16 x 8 7/16 in. (29 x 21.5 cm)
Current LocationUffizi, Florence

About Madonna and Child (Madonna of the Caves)

The Madonna and Child (Madonna Of The Caves) is attributed to Andrea Mantegna (1431–1506). The artwork was created using tempera on panel, and its measurements are 21.5 x 29 cm. It is currently located at the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Italy. This work of art is inspired by another piece from Donatello from the same period.

The subject matter of this panel shows a sculpture-like representation of the Virgin Mary and Jesus. It has already been established that it was painted by Andrea Mantegna, or possibly his son Giovanni Mantegna sometime between 1489-1490. It has become known for being one of Andrea’s first experiments as an artist.

This artwork displays a thoughtful composition of inventiveness and confirms Mantegna’s skill in mastering the traditional techniques with figurative artworks inspired by ancient marble sculptures like Donatello’s relief Madonna Child l’Oratorio d’ Affreschi (1431-33). Another artwork attributed to Andrea Mantegna, Judith And Holofernes (C. 1495), draws from his academic nourishment from surrounding Tuscan influences – evident in their biblical narrative content – seen in both paintings through rich regal tones and unusual spatial construction applied to oneiric environs.

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