Madonna and Child (1565 – 1570) by Titian

Madonna and Child - Titian - 1565 - 1570

Artwork Information

TitleMadonna and Child
Date1565 - 1570
Dimensions75 x 63 cm
Art MovementMannerism (Late Renaissance)

About Madonna and Child

The artwork “Madonna and Child” is an exquisite religious painting attributed to the renowned artist Titian, created in the period of 1565 to 1570. This oil on canvas piece measures 75 by 63 centimeters and is a representation of the Mannerism movement that characterized the Late Renaissance. The painting exudes a deep spiritual resonance as it captures the intimate bond between the Virgin Mary and the infant Jesus, a subject held in profound reverence through the ages.

In the artwork, the depiction of the Madonna and Child is tender and evocative, reflecting the close relationship between mother and child. The Virgin Mary is shown in a gentle, loving embrace of the Christ Child, who is nestled comfortably against her. Mary’s gaze suggests contemplation and a serene acceptance of her divine role, while the Child appears peaceful and secure in his mother’s hold. The warm tones used for their skin and the softness of their forms heighten the sense of affection and comfort.

Titian’s brushwork is loose and expressive, contributing to the overall softness and warmth that emanate from the scene. The chiaroscuro technique is evident, with a subtle play of light and shadow that enhances the three-dimensional quality of the figures and brings a sense of depth to the composition. The background is dim, directing focus onto the figures themselves, and emphasizing their divine connection that transcends the earthly realm. The drapery of Mary’s garments is rendered with a skillful use of light, showcasing Titian’s mastery in depicting fabric and movement, while maintaining an overall ethereal and graceful quality that is characteristic of his work and the Mannerist style. Overall, the artwork stands as a profound expression of the sacred, encapsulating the depth of religious experience through the elegant simplicity of its portrayal.

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