Madonna and Child with Angels (c. 1457-1465) by Filippo Lippi

Madonna and Child with Angels - Filippo Lippi - c. 1457-1465

Artwork Information

TitleMadonna and Child with Angels
ArtistFilippo Lippi
Datec. 1457-1465
MediumTempera on panel
Dimensions37 3/8 x 24 3/8 in. (95 x 62 cm)
Current LocationUffizi Gallery, Florence, Italy

About Madonna and Child with Angels

Filippo Lippi’s masterpiece, Madonna and Child with Angels, is a magnificent painting executed during the Renaissance period. The tempera on wood panel artwork depicts the Virgin Mary holding baby Jesus in her lap while two angels kneel by her side. Interestingly, there are virtually no halos around any of the figures in the painting.

Dating back to between 1450 and 1465, it is widely considered one of Lippi’s best-known works and an excellent example of his art. Lippi was a Carmelite monk who later fell in love with a nun, which influenced much of his artistic work. Madonna and Child with Angels was created towards the end of his career and showcases his signature lyrical expression.

The painting measures 36×25 inches and captures exquisite details of Mary’s cloak billowing out as she cradles Jesus tenderly. Madonna and Child with Angels has been praised for its linear perspective technique – creating an illusion of depth in a two-dimensional artwork that immerses viewers into vibrant colors that glow radiantly against gold backgrounds.

Without question, Filippo Lippi’s Madonna And Child With Angels remains one of the most admired paintings ever produced during Renaissance times. Its relevance extends to Christian art today; thus it continues to be iconic for its beauty beyond comparison.

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