Madonna and Child with musical angels (1485) by Albrecht Durer

Madonna and Child with musical angels - Albrecht Durer - 1485

Artwork Information

TitleMadonna and Child with musical angels
ArtistAlbrecht Durer
Art MovementNorthern Renaissance
Current LocationStaatliche Museen zu Berlin, Berlin, Germany

About Madonna and Child with musical angels

“Madonna and Child with musical angels” is a work by Albrecht Dürer, a pivotal figure of the Northern Renaissance. Created in 1485, this religious painting is an example of Dürer’s early exploration into religious themes and displays his detailed craftsmanship. The art piece belongs to the Northern Renaissance movement and can be found within the collection of the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin in Germany.

The artwork is a delicate and finely crafted engraving. In the center, the Madonna is depicted seated, elegantly draped in flowing robes that convey a soft texture. She gently holds the Christ Child on her lap who reaches out in a natural and childlike manner. The figures are framed by two angels on either side, with the angel on the left playing a lute and the angel on the right reading from a musical score, likely providing a divine harmony to the scene. The expressions on their faces are serene and focused, enhancing the spiritual atmosphere of the composition.

Incorporated into the artwork are intricate details such as the folds of the garments and the ornamental patterns in the background, typical of Dürer’s meticulous style. The Madonna’s crown is studded with jewels and stars, symbolizing her status as the Queen of Heaven. The setting is likely celestial, as indicated by the canopy above and the detailed patterns that suggest a heavenly domain.

Overall, the engraving captures a moment of tranquil piety, a common theme in the religious artwork of the period, and demonstrates Dürer’s skill in creating texture and depth even within the limitations of monochromatic engravings.

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