Madonna and Child with St. Catherine and a Rabbit (1530) by Titian

Madonna and Child with St. Catherine and a Rabbit - Titian - 1530

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TitleMadonna and Child with St. Catherine and a Rabbit
Dimensions71.5 x 25 cm
Art MovementHigh Renaissance
Current LocationLouvre, Paris, France

About Madonna and Child with St. Catherine and a Rabbit

The artwork titled “Madonna and Child with St. Catherine and a Rabbit” is a creation by the renowned artist Titian, dating back to 1530. This oil on canvas masterpiece is a testament to the High Renaissance movement and captures the religious painting genre with finesse and devotion. Its modest size of 71.5 x 25 cm allows for an intimate viewing experience. Presently, this work is housed in the Louvre in Paris, France, where it continues to inspire and provoke contemplation among its viewers.

In the artwork, the scene is set against a dusky landscape filled with verdant vegetation and distant, rolling hills. The divine gathering is composed of the Virgin Mary, seated gracefully and clothed in a rich, red garment with a dark cloak, holding the Christ Child tenderly in her lap. Next to her, St. Catherine leans in closely, her ornate attire and contemplative gaze enhancing the poignancy of the interaction. A basket beside Mary hints at earthly sustenance, with a fruit peeking from its confines. In the foreground, a rabbit is captured mid-movement, symbolizing innocence or possibly the themes of fertility and resurrection often associated with the Christ figure. The scene is further animated by a figure in the background, adding depth and narrative to the tableau.

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