Madonna and Child with Sts Dorothy and George (1516 – 1520) by Titian

Madonna and Child with Sts Dorothy and George - Titian - 1516 - 1520

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TitleMadonna and Child with Sts Dorothy and George
Date1516 - 1520
Dimensions86 x 13 cm
Art MovementHigh Renaissance
Current LocationMuseo del Prado, Madrid, Spain

About Madonna and Child with Sts Dorothy and George

The artwork titled “Madonna and Child with Sts Dorothy and George” is an exquisite piece by the celebrated artist Titian, created between the years 1516 and 1520. This religious painting, executed in oil on panel, represents the High Renaissance, a period known for its significant refinement of artistic techniques and expression. The dimensions of the artwork measure 86 x 13 cm. Presently, this notable work is housed in the Museo del Prado in Madrid, Spain.

In the artwork, the central figures are the Madonna and Child. The Madonna is depicted seated, with the Christ Child perched comfortably on her lap. Her gaze is cast downward toward the Child with an expression of tender affection. She is attired in a richly hued red and blue garment, symbols traditionally associated with her purity and celestial nature. The Christ Child appears lively and is shown interacting with the figure believed to be St. Dorothy, who stands adjacent to the Mother and Child. St. Dorothy is easily identifiable by the flowers she holds, indicative of her association with gardens and blossoms.

To the left of the composition, we observe the commanding presence of St. George. His portrayal as a knight in full armor, with a stern expression and gaze directed outward, suggests his role as a protector. The juxtaposition of St. Dorothy’s delicate femininity and St. George’s martial masculinity enriches the thematic context of the artwork, offering a balance between gentleness and strength.

The use of color, precise composition, and the depiction of materials like the reflective armor and luxurious fabrics are characteristic of Titian’s masterful technique, adding depth and realism to the scene. Furthermore, the scale and proportions of the figures, along with the harmonious balance of the composition, contribute to the serene and solemn atmosphere, allowing viewers to engage with the spiritual narrative in a profound and contemplative manner.

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