Magnetic Landscape (1982) by Sigmar Polke

Magnetic Landscape - Sigmar Polke - 1982

Artwork Information

TitleMagnetic Landscape
ArtistSigmar Polke
MediumAcrylic And Ferrous Mica On Canvas
Dimensions290 x 290 cm

About Magnetic Landscape

Sigmar Polke was a renowned German artist known for his experimentation with different mediums and techniques. His work, including Magnetic Landscape, exemplifies this approach to art.

Magnetic Landscape is an abstract mountainscape created through chemical reactions between paint and other materials. The artwork showcases Polke’s obsession with alchemy and chance, as it was largely created by accident. The colors piled on top of each other during the application process, resulting in a textured and multi-layered piece.

The painting is part of an exhibition of Polke’s work that includes large-scale paintings and experimental films documenting his experiences. His approach to art was witty, oblique, and critical of the very notion of traditional art forms. He often incorporated non-traditional materials in his works to challenge these forms’ limitations.

Polke continues to be seen as a major contemporary German artist whose complex works have helped define the art of the time. Magnetic Landscape is just one example of how he crossed artistic boundaries while still creating something visually striking and thought-provoking for viewers to enjoy.

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