Man in Thoughts (2023) by Van Hovak

Man in Thoughts - Van Hovak - 2023

Artwork Information

TitleMan in Thoughts
ArtistVan Hovak
MediumAcrylic, Oil on Cardboard

About Man in Thoughts

The artwork entitled “Man in Thoughts” was created by the artist Van Hovak in 2023. This piece is a mixed media creation, employing both acrylic and oil on cardboard, and the work measures 19.7 by 15.7 inches. It is categorized within the genre of “scandal” and aligns with the art movement known as Art Brut.

Examining the artwork, one observes a strongly expressive composition, dominated by a central figure that occupies the majority of the visual space. The subject appears to be immersed in contemplation, suggested by the title. The use of contrasting colors and abstract forms creates a sense of complexity within the figure’s mindspace. The fragmented and distorted appearance of the face, with elements such as disjointed facial features, dualistic coloring, and layered textures, emphasizes a psychological depth and emotional intensity.

The work exhibits characteristics typical of Art Brut, with its raw, visceral approach and disregard for traditional aesthetic norms. The thick application of paint and the directness of the strokes evoke the sense of an unmediated artistic expression. Despite the title’s reference to thought, the artwork communicates a more immediate and instinctual energy, suggesting a narrative that remains elusive and laden with emotion. The incorporation of different media, with the vibrant acrylics and the richer oil paints, adds to the textural and chromatic dynamism, endowing the piece with a palpable sense of urgency and authenticity.

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